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Mar 4, 2014 9:00am EST
't matter whether you are a cyclical name, whether you are a defensive name, all the major groups are up, industrials, health care, consumer staples are up along with consumer discretionary. we've got very unusual volume movers. epam is paced in pennsylvania. they sell software and tech systems in eastern europe and the ukraine, so they were down big yesterday but, look, they're up 17% today, just sort of rocketed back. i want to walk you over here, come here. they got a competitor, luxsoft and i'm behind post nine. take a look, up almost 20% right now. they do outsourcing of i.t. services, they compete against epam, most of the engineers are based in the a ukraine even though the company is headquartered in sitland, it was down yesterday, look at it, they are up 20% today. they had a conference call that say it may be beneficial because it may lower labor costs in the ukraine, so they do outsourcing of i.t. services and lower labor costs mean better prices for its customers and ubs some of the big financial firms over there. you can see this whole thing has gotten very interesting finan
Mar 5, 2014 9:00am EST
and a russian defense official is discussing ukraine with nato members in brussels as well. so, in this swirl of diplomacy russia's and the west's end games are beginning to emerge. washington and berlin are pushing a plan that would include international observers to replace the russian or pro-russian forces in crimea direct talks between moscow and kiev and new elections in may. now, the russians on the other hand, want to see a return of the ousted ukrainian leader victor yanukovych, he would head a national unity government and new elections in december. so, there's a gulf between these two sides. clearly. and that will be whittled down perhaps over the next number of days, but at least, carl they are talking again. and, by the way, if that doesn't work, don't expect to see russian forces pulling back in crimea anytime soon that could become the new norm. back to you, carl. >> one question, you know, you talk about the presence of the pro-russian forces. is it the sense where you are that putin blinked as "usa today" puts it today or that he simply quit while he was
Mar 3, 2014 9:00am EST
's response and defense of his own actions on his website. in fact, i tweeted that out. apologies came out if it was looking like me. his website and his defense that i wanted to get out to people because it is the first time we've heard from mr. andresen. this morning the new icahn letter to ebay stock holder doesn't say much about paypal. it's wanting to know the truth about what happened with skype, raising questions about what ebay directors new about microsoft's interest in skype. 18 months later the investment group that purchased skype from eb ebay, but ebay helped 30% of the company and managed it from a higher price when it was sold to microsoft, about $8.5 billion. did mark andresen know at the time the group was purchasing a controlling interest from ebay that microsoft was interested. did he enter into a confidentiality agreement that prevented sharing information. a lot of questions continue. want to get to the broader issue in a minute. a manresponse from ebay and mr. andresen himself. he says, for example, ebay's retained ownership in the skype spin-off 30% versus andren's a
Feb 27, 2014 9:00am EST
himself from all deliberations on the transaction, including all discussions, negotiations, and defenses. ebay and its shareholders benefitted from the divestiture of skype in a sale to microsoft. they kept 30% of it so there was upside there and he points out that marc was elected to the board in 2012 with 99.7% approval. i don't think that means much. >> no. >> when you don't have a challenge. and he also goes on to say that the claims about scott cook are also unfounded. as the founder of intuit, he says scott has an exceptional track record of creating value and has enormous assets and the overlap between intuit and ebay is very small between both companies. regarding hiring, any restrictions ended years ago. >> i am trying to think are there situations where a guy is brilliant on the board where you overlook some of this stuff? is it possible? is it possible that you want andreessen on your board and that carl icahn addresses your public comment to have him come on, could you overlook this? or you can never do it? >> if you were advising carl would you argue to attack andreessen, sk
Feb 28, 2014 9:00am EST
, and attacked all day everyday. you can no longer rely on perimeter the defenses anymore. and you have to assume that you have been macked and you have to have the technologies to go in to analyze all of the data and look for the outliers and the statistical anomalies and the unusual pattern. it is a 24 by 7 issue to try to defend yourself against cyberterrorism. i think that the agencies are just doing everything that they can to analyze the data to make sure they are looking for the outlier pattern. i don't think that they are doing the level of intrusion on the day-to-day citizen that the press would appear. but they are certainly looking for the outlier patterns that say, this is something that needs to be watched. so, you know, we at splunk, we don't condone spying or any type of internal intrusion just like you wouldn't, but i think that it is the new reality that you have to be able to analyze the data and a lot of it in order to find that needle in the haystack and looking to the unusual thing. it is a careful balance, but i tell our daughters and we tell them just a assume that everythi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5